Elevator Learning Center


The Elevator Learning Center focuses on all aspects of learning within the Elevator Industry. Companies can solve labor shortages, increase employee productivity and enhance safety programs to help reduce insurance costs. Our Instructor and candidate training programs will help companies plan for future growth and increase the level of service. Technicians will be empowered to become leaders in their job classifications and learn to promote safety leadership within the industry. They will be able to choose from different programs to enhance their career path options to include sales, project and administration management.
Entry level candidates can “Learn and Earn” skills to help them become part of a lucrative and successful career in the elevator industry.

Hands-On Training

The Elevator Learning Center will train you on actual equipment within its facility.
Education delivery includes auditory and visual learning supplemented by on-line video and simulation programs.
Delivery methods include remote monitoring of classrooms so students can participate through an on-line portal.


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