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Why should you consider the Elevator Learning Center to either launch your career in elevator maintenance or further your career as an elevator industry professional?


  1. Elevator Licensing Requirements – 31 states including New York and New Jersey have enacted legislation that requires Elevator Technicians to be licensed in order to Maintain, Repair, Modernize, Install and Inspect elevator devices. These licensing requirements mandate people working in these states, provide proof that they are properly trained in all aspects of installing and maintaining elevators. Most states will also require continuing education credits in order to maintain and/or renew their licenses.
  2. Candidate and Apprenticeship Programs – Companies who are experiencing a shortage of trained workers can have their employees participate in the NAEC CET training programs which meet and exceed the required education for licensing and Apprenticeship. Our remote participation learning methods allow candidates to participate in the related instruction portion of the program while receiving valuable OJT (on-the-job training) during their daily work routines. Our Long Island City, NY based training facility allows CET-Supervisors to schedule and perform Skills Portfolio Sign Offs in a controlled “hands on” atmosphere to ensure the quality of the learning process. Most government funded projects now require apprenticeship program participation to successfully bid and contract with Government entities.
  3. Mandated Safety Training – States and Municipalities are now mandating minimum safety standards to work on construction projects. Requirements include OSHA 30, 8-Hour Fall Protection and other safety programs for specialty equipment and project supervisors. The Elevator Learning Center is an approved provider of safety education using certified OSHA and safety instructors.
  4. Career Advancement and Continuing Education – Technicians, Foremen and Supervisors who are interested in career advancement can participate in valuable educational seminars focused on team leadership and management transition programs to help prepare them for the next promotion opportunity. New Technology and code regulation continuing education programs are also available to meet licensing renewal requirements.
  5. Culture of Learning – Companies who see the value in a safe and productive workforce and are interested in providing additional benefits to workers can work with the Elevator Learning Center to provide valuable training and safety programs. Technicians who understand the value of technical and productive excellence can participate in our programs to enhance their future earning potential.
  6. Education Delivery and Instructor Training – For companies who wish to provide their own education delivery using an “In-House” Provider, the Elevator Learning Center can help train Instructors and provide supplemental training assistance through web-based instructor manuals, lesson planning and supplemental educational material.


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