CET™ Candidate Membership Plan


CET CANDIDATE Membership Plan

If you're interested in learning more about or enrolling in the NAEC CET™ Education Program, please fill out the 'Contact Us' section below and our Training Center Support Team will gladly assist you.


$1150/year per registered candidate in the NAEC CET™ Education Program

  • Membership benefits:
    • Candidate Program Support  
    • CET-S services locally or regionally
    • In-person and remote instruction
    • Proctor services 
    • Prep Courses 
    • Supplemental materials to the CET Education Program's Core and Advanced Curriculums
    • Test and Skills Portfolio email notifications 
    • Record-keeping of completed courses and certificate issuance 
    • Coming Soon! ELC's Education and Safety Training Library

 Note: Applicant is responsible to purchase all CET curriculum books directly from Elevator World.



$450 one-time fee per applicant 

  • We manage the application filing process for:
    • CET Candidate 4-Year
    • AET Designation or 
    • CET Certification Examination  
  • Pre-qualification testing to determine entry level into the program
  • Work one-on-one with candidate to prepare the application 
  • Facilitate initial online application 
  • Assist with the collection of required personal and professional documentation  
  • Designate CET-S for applicant 
  • Expedite the submission of final online application  
  • Provide program guidance  
  • Liaison with NAEC and Elevator World   


Terms:  Payment is non-refundable. Non-transferable after 60 days from invoice date.








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