Safe 9 - Mobile Elevator Safety Units

Safe 9

Using the Mobile Elevator Safety Unit, elevator service technicians are trained at job site locations in the principles of the SAFE 9 Program, with “SAFE” an acronym for Safety Absolutes Field Evaluation. This program guides technicians through implementation of each of the SAFE 9 training aspects in a live group educational setting, with instruction on equipment that mimics and simulates what technicians will actually be encountering in the field.

Safety Absolutes Field Evaluation (SAFE 9)

  1. Car Top Access
  2. Pit Access
  3. Mechanical Stored Energy
  4. Fall Protection
  5. False Cars & Running Platforms
  6. Hoisting and Rigging
  7. Jumpers
  8. Electrical Safe Work Practices
  9. Lock Out/Tag Out

The SAFE 9 Program, also referred to by some as the 9 Safety Absolutes, focuses on nine specific approaches to maximizing elevator safety and preventing injuries. Beyond simply the list of guidelines recommended by the National Elevator Industry, Inc. (NEII), or a static handbook or brochure on elevator safety, it delivers practical hands-on training on each aspect of SAFE 9.

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Images shown here depict a classroom setting – in an actual work environment, for maximized safety, all technicians wear PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) appropriate to the task.


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