Continuing Education for Technicians

Ongoing Learning for Experts

The elevator learning center delivers continuing education seminars and programs that qualify for credit hours toward your CET and Licensing renewal requirements. Each program is submitted and approved by the certifying and licensing bodies to ensure credit hours are earned and documented. Programs include learning about new technology, changes in code requirements and regulations, best maintenance practices, use of specialty diagnostic tools, sequence of operation and valuable troubleshooting methods. Elevator Companies can also work with the Elevator learning Center to customize learning for their technicians on specific manufacturer’s equipment and models.

Sample Curriculum

Diagnostic tools

This course will instruct technicians on the proper use and care of diagnostic tools and specialty instruments used in troubleshooting and adjusting elevator equipment. Learning will include safety precautions and proper grounding methods during use.

This course will review proper methods of reading and understanding electrical schematics, identifying signs and symbols and learning sequence of operation to locate problem components and or circuitry. Course work will include actual hands on troubleshooting of simple elevator circuits and how they effect the proper operation of the elevator.

This program will provide an advanced level of understanding for the importance of good maintenance and lubrication practices to protect operating equipment. Course will review best safety practices while working in and around equipment to ensure all safety precautions are followed during the maintenance process.

OSHA/Safety – 30 Hour

The OSHA 30 course is specific for those that work in construction, building repairs and alterations, etc. Construction workers (including those that work in the elevator industry) with supervisory, oversight and safety responsibilities must have this training. Subjects covered are: Hazardous materials, personal protection equipment, materials handling, tools, welding, electrical safety, cranes & rigging, scaffolding training, etc.

OSHA – 10 Hour

The OSHA 10 Course is safety training for those working in construction and reviews health hazards, material handling, hand and power tool hazards and personal protective equipment.

Fall Protection Program

The Elevator Learning Center has been a certified Fall Protection Trainer. This course offers an awareness of the issues of all protection. This program focuses on the best practices of fall protection. Participants are introduced to the regulations and standards governing fall protection as well as the components of a fall protections system including body support, anchorages, connectors and rescue.


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