About Us

The Elevator Learning Center's Mission

The elevator learning center was created to help our industry provide a more advanced level of technical and safety training that is standardized throughout the elevator industry. We are dedicated to providing support to Elevator Companies who believe technical education and safety training will enhance their quality of service while protecting the riding public. We are also dedicated to offering career changing opportunities to Candidates and technicians who see the value in education to enhance and advance their careers.

Our Founder

Robert Schaeffer – Founder of the Elevator Learning Center

Bobby has served as President/Owner of D & D Elevator since 1995. He has a distinguished past of having to oversee virtually all aspects of the company.

Since becoming president of D & D in 1995, Bobby has represented the Company as Chief Executive Officer and closely interfaced with all phases of the company, providing strong, effective leadership and direction In this position he has developed and implemented the company’s strategic plan for success and growth, established policy to assure compliance with government agencies, requirements, laws and regulations. On a daily basis, to ensure excellence, he communicates with the heads of all the company’s departments plus mechanics, consultants, building owners, managers and others.

Bobby is QEI Certified and has many accreditations, awards and much industry recognition to his name. He has served on the Board of Directors of NAEC, of which he was elected president and was given both the Presidents Club and the William Sturgeon Distinguished Service Awards. As Education Chairman, he was essential to the development of the Certified Education Training Program and this program is now part of all the helpers and elevator technicians at D & D Elevator. Along with this, the CET program is now used by approximately 85 independent companies throughout the country.

Several years ago, Bob saw that elevator licensing in New York was being discussed and he knew there was a need to develop the Elevator Learning Center not only for his employees to be licensed but for those individuals that will need to be licensed and certified.

To get a better understanding of what the licensing would require, he worked closely with those on the licensing committee. Bob also visited a fully functioning training center in Canada to see what would be needed for the Elevator Learning Center, now located in Yonkers. With this knowledge and understanding of what was going to be needed, he began the process. Today the ELC not only has a classroom but it’s equipped for hands on training. The center has different types of controllers, machine rooms for both traction and hydraulic units, a car operating panel, door operators, governors, sheaves, a mock shaft way, machines, motors and even a cab unit.


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